The Decorators

"The team formed in 1988 and were named The Deptford Decorators (by Ron Dell) on account of the painters overalls that they adopted as a uniform in rokakku battles which had been the initial focus for the team.

In 1989 the team started to fly two line kites and when Revolution introduced their four line kite this quickly became the focus of attention.

It was in 1990 that the team started to travel extensively, mostly in Europe but also to more distant places including Malaysia, South Africa, Israel as well as Canada and the USA. The team currently consists of a core of about eight fliers. This allows some flexibility in travel arrangements as the preferred format for team presentations requires six participants.

The current team includes Felix Mottram, Jacob Twyford, Johnny Claffey, Vaughan Livingstone, Romney Johnstone, Ashley Mottram, Martin Linford and Margaret Walker. Tom Greenfield started flying again in 2016 after a long absence. Recent guest fliers include Chris Beel of Fusion, Jim and Lynn Foster (USA) and David Hathaway (Canada).

Team presentations with the Revolution Kites are both formal and informal. Formal arena presentations usually involve some musical accompaniment and a degree of choreography determined by the caller of the moment.

From 1989 the team had formed a close association with Jørgen Møeller Hansen, the Danish Kite Designer and Graphic Artist after meeting him in Berlin that year. Jørgen designed the distinctive graphics which feature on most of the kites that the team have flown; Revolution, Rokakku and Parafoil included. Jørgen died 7th July 2012. (See Drachen link) At the end of 2017 Karen Svenstrup, Jørgen's widow, asked the team to help her sell the kites (and banners) that she had so that they could be flown rather than remaining in storage. Early in 2019 Jacob and Felix purchased the whole collection of kites and the team bought the two sets of banners. (See Collection link)

The intention is to fully celebrate Jørgen's designs and to fly the team's revolution sails alongside Jørgen's kites continuing an early ambition of the team.

(Technical note: The team usually fly on 120ft/36.5m 90lb/40kg Laser Pro Gold line and use the extended Revolution handles. The custom sails that were designed by Jørgen Møeller Hansen are sewn by Martin Lester  and finished by Revolution Kites.)"

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