Four Rokkakus 1992

Reconfiguration of bridles and frames

Blackheath August 21st 2022

Portsmouth 30th-31st July 2022

Cleobury-Mortimer 16th-17th July 2022

Blackheath 10th July 2022

Thanks to Marian Linford for the images.

Blackheath 3rd July 2022

Blackheath 12th June 2022

Blackheath 8th May 2022
Images by Marian Linford

Cervia 22nd April - 1st May 2022

Blackheath 3rd April 2022.

Blackheath 20th March 2022.

Blackheath 26th September 2021.

Blackheath 12th September 2021.

Blackheath 15th August 2021.

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