Kiting. Mark left the team in July 2014


Felix Mottram

Born. 1955 in London.

Lived in Wales 1961-72, returned to London 1973

Education. Studied Fine Art-Painting at St.Martins School of Art.

Work. Administrator/Salesperson in an Art Gallery.

Kiting. Took up kite flying as a hobby instead of trying to continue painting alongside full time work. Founding member of The Decorators.

"I was intrigued to know how a kite could be controlled by a single line. I found out the hard way and then started visiting kiting festivals in 1987."

Jacob Twyford

Born. 1963 in Leeds

Lived in London 1964-71, then in Yorkshire until 1981.

Education. Studied Jazz and Popular Music at Leeds College of Music.

Work. Art Gallery Technician

Interests. Music, cooking, theatre design and kites.

Kiting. Became interested through talking with Felix a short time after he had got the bug! Teamed up with him to fly fighters and never looked back. Founding member of The Decorators.

"Kiting provides a real focus for my creative activities, not just flying but organising, planning trips, writing routines and above all communicating ideas and enthusiasm with the rest of the team."

Johnny Claffey

Born. 1961 in Galway, Ireland

Lived in Dublin until 1986, has lived in London since then.

Work. Technical support analyst for computer hardware maintenance company.

Kiting. Introduced to kiting by friends in 1987. Member of Wicked Allsorts, The Blitz and Team with no name. Attended two World Cup competitions and was a member of the European Cup Holders team in 1991.

"Kite flying allows me to travel to interesting places and offers a different challenge to other activities that I have tried."

Mark Eustace

Born. 1960 in St. Merryn, Cornwall

Education. Falmouth Tecnical College 1977-79. Yacht, boatbuilding and ships joinery. Brunel Technical College, Bristol 1982-83. Cabinet Making.


Kiting. Introduced to the sport by the Peter Powell in the '70s. A Joint venture with Andy Preston led back to kites with the discovery of the Revolution in 1990.



Vaughan Livingstone


Romney Johnstone  
Ashley Mottram  
Jade Bloomfield  
Martin Linford  

Jørgen Møller Hansen

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Born. 1954 Died. 2012

Lived in Århus since 1981

Education. Graduated as Graphic Designer from The School of Arts and Crafts in Kolding, Denmark, 1981

Work and Kiting

I graduated as a graphic designer from the Art Craft School in Kolding, Denmark 1981.
Since then I have been engaged as such in different companies. In the same period I have taught in graphic design at Art Schools in Denmark. I am not making my living by building kites but I have great fun in my spare time.

As a student I made several small kites. In 1982 I was suddenly interested in building kites again and since then I have been very productive. When I am building my kites inspiration and aspiration is the idea of “creating graphics in the sky.” Normally I prefer to produce only with one exciting kite instead of making on several unimpotant kites.
In addition to this I have teaching in kitebuilding at art schools in Scandinavia under the theme “Graphics in the sky”:

The Art Craft School in Kolding, Denmark;
The Art Academy in Stockholm, Sweden;
The Art High School in Holbæk, Denmark; and
The North Norwegian Culture Festival, Norway.

I have done some talk too under the same theme in addition with slides, among theese The Art Museum Trapholt, Kolding, Denmark and
Texas Tech., Junction, Texas, USA,
Vienna, Austria.

Participated in Exhibitions in:

Cervia (Italia) 1986, 1987
Berlin (Germany) 1988
Bremen (Germany) 1988
The Art Museum Trapholt Kolding (Denmark) 1989, 1990, 1991
World Kite Museum, Long Beach WA (USA) 1989
Copenhagen City Hall (Denmark) 1990
Asker Art Gallery, Norway, 1991
Gainsborough's House Gallery, Suffolk, England
Junction, Texas, (USA) 1991
Århus City Hall (Denmark) 1992
Main Atrium, County Hall, Chelmsford England 1993
Frederikstad Art Gallery (Norway) 1993
Ästetik und Technik, Drachen auf Zollern VI, Dortmund, 1996
The Museum at Koldinghus, Kolding, Denmark 1996
The Holstebro Museum, 2003

Participated in International Kite Festivals:-

Berlin (Germany) 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 1991, 2003
Stockholm (Sweden) 1986
Cervia (Italy) 1986, 1987
Hamburg (Germany) 1985, 1986, 1987
Sild (Germany) 1987, 1988
Damp (Germany) 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991,1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
Gerlesborg Skolan (Sweden) 1988
Risør (Norway) 1988
Castiglion Del Largo (Italy) 1988, 1990
Scheveningen (Holland) 1986, 1987
Kiel (Germany) 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995
Lübeck (Germany) 1989, 1993, 1995
Washington (England) 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993
Bristol (England) 1994, 1995, 1999, 2008
London (England ) 1990
Goslar (Germany) 1990, 1994
Manchester (England) 1990
Long Beach, Washington, USA 1990
Junction, Texas, (USA) 1991
Bangkok, (Thailand)1992
Weymouth (England)1992
Barcelona (Spain) 1992
Lubbock, Texas (USA) 1992
Frederikstad (Norway) 1993, 1994
Lillehammer (Norway) 1993, 1994
Montreal (Canada) 1994
Vienna (Germany) 1995
Dortmund (Tyskland) 1996
Sydney (Australia) 1996
Participated in nearly all Danish Kitefestivals 1982 - 1995.

Among my kites are:-

Eddy kitestack 1985 (64 kites - 15 square metres)
Lozenges kitestack 1985 (81 kites - 16 square metres)
Expandible boxkite 1986 (54 cells 10 square metres)
Flare kite 1986 (4 square metres)
Flare kitestack 1987 (10 kites - 10 square metres)
Delta 1987 (11 square metres)
Parafoil 1987 (11 square metres)
Expandible boxkite 1988 (105 cells, 22 square metres)
Triple kitestack 1988 (8 square metres - 27 malay kites)
Parafoil 1988 (11 square metres)
Flare kite 1988 (6 square metres)
Parafoil 1989 (4 square metres)
Eddy kitestack 1989 (405 kites - 20 square metres)
Eddy kitestack configuration 1989 (20 kites 8 square metres)
2 Parafoils 1990 (4 square metres)
3 Parafoils 1990 (13 square metres)
1 Edo 1990 (10 square metres)
2 series of 6 Banners 1990 (each banner 4X1 metres)
1 series of 6 banners 1991 (each banner 5X1 metres)
5 Rokkakus 1991 (6 square metres)
1 Parafoil 1991 (4 square metres)
1 Parafoil 1991 (20 square metres)
1 Parafoil 1992 (13 square metres)
1 Parafoil 1992 (4 square metres)
Configuration of 8 diamonds 1993 (6 square metres)
Configuration of 9 squares 1993 (8 square metres)
Double Malay Kitestack 1994 (14 kites - 11 squuare metres)
Asymetric Kite Stack (9 kites-12 square metres)
1 series of 6 banners 1995 (each banner 5X1 metres)
Configuration of 4 diamonds 1995 (4 square metres)
1 Edo 1995 (4 square metres)
Expandible boxkite 1996 (120 cells, 24 square metres)
1 Edo 1999 (4 square metres)

5 Graphic designs at Revolution Kites for The Decorators(UK)
Revolution Kites 2008