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Felix Mottram
Born. in London.
Lived in Wales 1961-72, returned to London 1973
Education. Studied Fine Art-Painting at St.Martins School of Art.
Work. Retired
Kiting. Took up kite flying as a hobby instead of trying to continue painting alongside full time work. Founding member of The Decorators.
"I was intrigued to know how a kite could be controlled by a single line. I found out the hard way and then started visiting kiting festivals in 1987."

Jacob Twyford
Born. in Leeds
Lived in London 1964-71, then in Yorkshire until 1981.
Education. Studied Jazz and Popular Music at Leeds College of Music.
Interests. Music, cooking, theatre design and kites.
Kiting. Became interested through talking with Felix a short time after he had got the bug! Teamed up with him to fly fighters and never looked back. Founding member of The Decorators.
"Kiting provides a real focus for my creative activities, not just flying but organising, planning trips, writing routines and above all communicating ideas and enthusiasm with the rest of the team."

Johnny Claffey
Born. in Galway, Ireland
Lived in Dublin until 1986, has lived in London since then.
Kiting. Introduced to kiting by friends in 1987. Member of Wicked Allsorts, The Blitz and Team with no name. Attended two World Cup competitions and was a member of the European Cup Holders team in 1991.
"Kite flying allows me to travel to interesting places and offers a different challenge to other activities that I have tried."

Vaughan Livingstone

Romney Johnstone

Ashley Mottram

Martin Linford

Margaret Walker

Tom Greenfield

Rowan Mottram

Recent Guest Fliers:-

Chris Beel, Fusion, UK

Lynn Foster, USA

Jim Foster, USA

Marjorie Truchet, France

Honorary Team Member

Jørgen Møller Hansen
Born. 1954 Died. 2012
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