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While I did travel to Blackheath this morning there was no discernible breeze at all so I took a short stroll into Greenwich Park and notice a 'rising moon' effect while walking towards the view of the Dockland Towers.

I meant to check this view again but by the time I turned around the view was fully obscured by the trees.

We will do a 'not Rev' event at Leominster, Berrington Hall in July.


15/01/2023 Blackheath

A breezy session with westerly air flow measuring up to 16mph with occasional stronger gusts. It was brighter than we might have expected but on the cold side!

Another flight with the yellow and blue sails but the centre spar of the blue sail looked better as a standard race rod had been replaced by a green one. The final configuration will probably be standard race rods with a four wrap centre.

A 'not Rev' event for 2023 is in the planning now at the Leominster and Hereford Kite Festival at Berrington Hall, 8th and 9th July 2023.

We are waiting to find out availability for the Hampstead Kite Event on 25th June or 2nd July 2023.


08/01/2023 Blackheath

Blustery showers were forecast and the SW breeze measured 15mph gusting upwards.

A succession of part rainbows followed the showers that were mostly away to the north west.

The blue and yellow sails were flown today as once again the breeze was appropriate but the additional flex of the leading edge rods of the blue sail was very evident. I might try a four wrap middle spar in that sail.

An early finish today as the sails had dried from an earlier shower, another one was approaching and the wind was getting more blustery.


01/01/2023 Blackheath

The forecasts eventually converged on 12mph gusting 25mph from the SW and we did actually get a bit of hazy sun through the high level cloud.

The three new sails based on Jørgen’s initial 2008/9 design were flown together and images were captured for the web site.

We then flew five kites, the new sails and two full vent Revs in a session which was sometimes called but also free flying with the kite medley.

An interesting start to the year...


January 2023
Felix Mottram