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13/01/2019 Blackheath

A bit of a contrast to last Sunday, the wind still from the west but 15+ gusting 30+mph.

Very bright, almost sunny with a mix of thin high and lower cloud.

Full vent 1.5s were clearly overpowered so it was the RSS kites again. Even they felt like a bit of a handful in the higher gusts.

Still suffering from a lingering 'cold' which has the rest of my household in their beds today!

Portsmouth and Scarborough events are going ahead in 2019 and we have fliers lined up but not finalised.


06/01/2019 Blackheath

A bit of a struggle to get out today due to a lingering 'cold' that stopped me in my tracks on New Years Eve.

A light westerly breeze so Zens with green race, a great configuration. Landfall by Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet was a bit 'moody' but interesting to 'fly with'.

There was variable high cloud but that was doing nothing to stop the UV getting through. A very dark sunglass day.

We should be confirming Berck arrangements in the next day or so.

We will then be making arrangements for the JMH kites in Aarhus to be packed and road transported back to the UK. I am hoping to set up a weekend on Blackheath in March devoted to checking and test flying the kites, some of which are illustrated here:- on the linked pdf.


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