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Second Sunday in the lockdown and I did get out in the sunny conditions to do a near normal bicycle circuit. The parks were very busy so it was on the roads around Victoria Park. QE Park was busier than normal and the River Lea was fast moving although not as high as I have seen it.

The package of kite components arrived from Denmark during the week and the presence of two 1cm D-rings led to some speculation regarding the JMH 120 cell Expansible Box Kite from 1996. The D-rings in it are rusty but I had cleaned and waxed them hoping to keep them stable. The PVC tubing has not started to disintegrate yet but that is probably just a matter of time. Replacing 960 spar end fittings will be quite a challenge but it might be possible to replace the metal components with 'string' and save quite a bit of weight!

It is looking as if it will be another wet week so I may have extra time again for kite work or web site work in the coming days. I do have some trips to Japan to document but that may have to wait for 'retirement'!



Today was the first Sunday in the new lockdown and I did not get out on the cycle route as we had a Broadband and landline outage. An engineer called first thing this morning to check that access to the termination point was available!

During the week I received images of the Peter Malinski Hexagonal Train and we can now date it as 1987 or earlier. The images were from Sylt, Germany in spring 1987. I had started to look at the restoration issues and have purchased 10mm split rings in stainless steel for the tail fixing points and checked the tail configuration. More split rings and spring clips as used on early Revolution line sets and without swivels.

I have decided to make dacron 'spar boots' for repairing the spar pockets that have worn through. I'll sew a prototype soon and make a pattern for going into production. The boot will sit inside the spar pocket and be fixed at the front edge to the existing pocket fabric.

I finally got around to putting together the modern version of the Modell Deutsche Seewarte 1904. I don't know exactly why there was a problem when I last attempted this on Blackheath but I have now tape marked the main cross spar to avoid confusion.

The vertical sail tensioning lines seem to work very well and the whole construction is tight and light. I am puzzled by the spar fixing points as they seem very shallow. I will investigate further in due course.


03/01/2021 Blackheath

There was a bit of rain in the air on my way up to the Sun in the Sands junction but it had passed by the time I arrived on Blackheath.

The NNE breeze was light but steady 6 rather than 8mph but I didn't measure it. Full sail 1.5s with race rods were just right and we flew for an hour or so before the cold crept in to Martin's finger tips. He was more than ready to stop but was determined that it should not be his call.

I had taken the Hex Pilot kite that I made in 2019 and flew successfully last spring but was not inclined to get it any more 'muddy' than it is already. It was one of those days underfoot!

Berck will not be going ahead and I'm thinking that Cervia must be unlikely given the current state of the Pandemic. I would expect to hear about Dieppe sometime in March if not before so there should not be any great urgency to get a new passport now. My current one expires in August.


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