18/02/2024 Blackheath

There was no long detour today, just a quick visit to the bakers on the way to Blackheath.

Rain had been threatened for 'all day' but the radar had shown big gaps before I left home. In the event there were a few flashes of sunshine in among the bright patches and just a very few spots of rain.

Windspeed was 6-8mph measured on arrival but I think that there were some quicker spells. Mid vents worked fine with just a little hand tiredness towards the end of a concentrated session with the kite medley, mid section.

There were a couple of dramatic cloudscapes to keep us occupied along the way. Back in Hackney now, the sun is shining!


11/02/2024 Blackheath

The journey to Blackheath via the bakers at Lauriston village and the Rotherhithe Tunnel took about an hour. The construction work at Surrey Quays station was probably the main hold-up.

Along the way there was some light rain at Mile End Park and I realised that there was very little wind.

At Blackheath there was a barely perceptible breeze to start with so it was going to be a Zen flight. There was quite a lot of sunshine with high cloud and the occasional thick lower cloud but there really was some warmth in the air.

It was quite an intense session with some of the later tracks in the kite medley. The windspeed had increased to 6mph measured at the end of the session.

Next Sunday the southbound tunnel should be in use with the final closure in the sequence, the Sunday after, the 25th February which is also the last day for the Guston show at Tate Modern!



I had considered taking kites to Dorset for this weekend but decided that there would be plenty of other pressures on time and best not to add to them.

The wind over the weekend was often strong and there was occasional drizzle and low cloud or hill fog.

Next Sunday the southbound Blackwall Tunnel will be closed again so I will get to Blackheath via the Rotherhithe Tunnel all being well.


28/01/2024 Blackheath

The southbound tunnel was not closed this weekend after all as works had been completed ahead of schedule.

While it was forecast to be cloudy the clouds were very high and thin so it was mostly 'sunny' with a southerly breeze that just about got to the lower end of the forecast at 6mph.

Full sail 1.5s and at the end of the session I noticed a leading edge repair that has not yet been done. We flew to the latest kite medley and I will have to edit further as a couple of the tracks are just not quite right!

Next weekend I will be away attending to family matters. I will have to see if the tunnel will be closed the weekend of 10th/11th February.


21/01/2024 Blackheath

I could see that the forecast was for c15mph across the board so I did turn my morning routine on its head. I was out of the door at 9:15am with time to call at the bakers and navigate via the Rotherhithe Tunnel and Lower Road arriving at Blackheath at 10:01...

The measured breeze was 14-16mph, occasionally quite a bit stronger but the RSS sails were perfectly comfortable for an intense but relatively short flight with the kite medley.

We packed just before 12:00 and will hope for a repeat performance next week as the south bound Blackwall tunnel will be closed again.



I was distracted at 8:04 by the event near Grindavik in Iceland which had started at 7:57. I eventually set off at about 10:30 heading towards the bakers at Lauriston village where I found a long queue!

The approach to Rotherhithe Tunnel seemed fine but then Lower Road appeared slow and the A2 was also bad.

I arrived on Blackheath at midday and decided that after a brief walk I would head for home via the Blackwall Tunnel. Northbound traffic was using the normal southbound tunnel.

I will probably miss next Sunday and hope that the weather on 28th January will be good!


07/01/2024 Blackheath

We were almost 'mob handed' today with four fliers on RSS sails in a slightly variable northerly breeze looking directly into the sun for much of the time. The kite medley included a couple of different tracks today.

When a band of cloud drifted in from the east it was apparent that despite no feeling of radiant heat the sun had been keeping things warmer than it would have felt otherwise. We packed a bit earlier than usual...

The southbound Blackwall tunnel will be closed for the next two weekends so unless conditions look very good we'll likely miss two more flying sessions. Not a great start to the year but at least event planning is now progressing for the year ahead.


January 2024
Felix Mottram