Cervia Planning 2023

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Selected Kites and banners

Preparation and packing plan

JMH Kites and Revolution Sails

The Triple Malay and Double Malay have been checked for spars and spares. Some 6mm Exel rods 150cm will be packed with JMH Composite but not cut. 13/03/2023 JMH Kites Bag

JMH Composite Kite (Della Porta): Eight Rhomboids 1993 checked 14/03/2023, 2 spare 1500 x 10mm tubes. The 10mm carbon rods from the 3m Rokkakus are being used as a lightweight vertical spar option along with 4 wrap Rev spars for the horizontals which are cut to length as at 04/04/2023. JMH Kites Bag

Zen rods in the final two sails of the 1991/1992 Rev 1 six stack replaced with green centres, the rest standard race rods 02/03/2023. The stack was flown on Blackheath 05/03/2023 in 5-8mph breeze and was very well behaved! (10+ Rev1 4 wrap spars, without ferrules located 28/02/2023) Race Rods swapped for UL spars as at 16/04/2023. JMH Kites Bag

The Double/Single Eddy stack was flown 19/03/2023 and two spar pockets were re-sewn 21/03/2023. One broken spine was replaced and a spreader on the second pair of sails disconnected in flight. JMH Kites Bag

1992 red rokkaku eyelets fixed as at 16/03/2023. Check lines and bungees for rokkaku stack and individual kites. Done partially 16/04/2023 JMH Kites Bag

Six Banners checked and packed with poles and rods. JMH Kites Bag

JMH Sanjo Rokkaku 1992 <<< Added 16/04/2023 >>> JMH Kites Bag

I will have to re-check the 2007 Rev 1.5 and Rev 1 stacks making sure that the connecting lines x 7 for the Rev 1 stacks are available. (The hank of 7 connecting lines was looped onto one set of four kites 28/02/2023) The link lines on the Rev 1.5 stack have been replaced with individual end cap links and the front bridle has been replaced. 09/03/2023. Flown to bed the knots 12/03/2023. The two sets of Rev 1s have been checked and trimmed of trailing threads. 13/03/2023 Rev 1 stack JMH Kites Bag Rev 1.5 stack FJM Kite Bag

I have set second ferrules in three four wrap centres for the JMH 2008/9 vented 1.5 stack to go with the race rod outers and verticals. (all set 25/02/2023) FJM Kite Bag

I need to check the stack flying lines. I should have two 120lb sets already plus Maggie's set but I am not sure if they are a consistent length.
One set checked 26/02/2023, large loops on long (15 inch) handles 100ft.
The three sail vented JMH stack will probably be fine on 90lb lines but they should be 100ft or 80ft really.
The 300lb line set has been re-sleeved and handles allocated as at 03/04/2023. FJM Kite Bag

JMH Parafoil 1990 <<< Smaller kite switched in 16/04/2023 >>> Packed in FJM Kite Bag

Green race rods removed from the full vented JMH 2009 sails and switched with the diamond rods in the 1997 1.5 JMH set... Two additional green race centres needed and located. 25/02/2023 Team Kites Bag **

Tarpaulin, located Team Kites Bag
Sand bags and ties Team Kites Bag
Sand Anchor Team Kites Bag
1992 Not Zens Team Kites Bag
1994 Not Zens Team Kites Bag
1997 Rev 1.5 Team Kites Bag **
2009 Mid Vent 1.5 Team Kites Bag
RSS Rev 1.5 Team Kites Bag

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